From 2003 to 2009, our breeding rams were out of the Ortmann ranch in Wolf Point, Montana. He was one of the original importers of Cormos in 1976.

These two rams, Solomon and David, were certified "Cormo" by Kevin Ford in 2009. A copy of that document accompanies any sheep sold with David or Solomon in their background.

These two rams were the foundation of our flock. 

We went to Tasmania, Australia to select rams for semen collection in order to start a new line of Cormos with fresh genetics. These rams were out of the Peter Downie flock. They are the originators of the Cormo breed. We plan to create a new line so the Cormo breed can survive in the U.S.

We have some pictures posted, especially of the Tasmanian rams.

Click here to view our sires online.

If you have an interest in buying breeding stock from us, email or call us and we will send you pedigrees via email or mail. That way you can see if their ancestry is compatible with your sheep.

We have other rams available for sale that are not pictured, but we are happy to send photos.

Health records and micron counts accompany each sale.

We are members of the Cormo Breeders Coalition. Membership and registration is encouraged, especially for offspring.

When selecting breeding stock, the pedigree and sheep conformation, temperament, and wool quality are foremost.

We list photos of our AI rams from Tasmania with their numbers from the Downie farm. The Downies are the original breeders of Cormos, started in 1960. The Downie breed standard is as follows:

BODY: Upstanding open faced sheep of sound conformation and constitution.
COLOR: The Cormo is a white sheep. Not acceptable: Black spots in wool or brown legs. Small dark spots on nose acceptable.
HORNS: Horns are not acceptable. The Cormo is a polled breed.
WEIGHT: Ewes 120-160 lbs. Rams 160-200 lbs.
SKIN: Skin should be loose with some loose neck wrinkles acceptable, but bodies should be free of wrinkles.
FLEECE: Sample from mid-side 17-23 micron. Consistent wool with 90% of wool within a two micron range. Staple length of 3-1/2 - 5-1/2 inches. Dense soft handling wool. Fleece weight mature ewe 5-8 lbs.

We adhere to these standards.

We also now cull rams with scurs. 

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